Economic Trends 2023/2 report on Eastern Europe and Hungary out

The global economic outlook has markedly deteriorated in the past months. China’s strict no-COVID policy has muted Chinese economic growth, the escalation of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict pushed global inflation even further, the bottlenecks in global shipping and the shortages in various products remained biting. In Hungary, a gargantuan stimulus package in February unsurprisingly made for very dynamic growth in the first quarter, but the 8.2% growth rate still came as a surprise to most observers.

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KOPINT-Tárki wins Consensus Forecast award

KOPINT-Tárki analysts have won the Consensus Economics 2022 Forecast Accuracy Award for Hungary. The prize was awarded to the team of analysts at the Budapest-based economic research institute KOPINT-Tárki, Zoltán Matheika and Éva Palócz, for the accuracy of their economic forecasts. In the 24-month competition, the teams of analysts produced forecasts for real GDP and inflation every month. Congratulations!

Eurofound publishes prelim report on minimum wages

The report states that although the rate of increase in the Hungarian minimum wage was the fourth highest in the EU, the value of minimum wages in euros is the lowest in our country after Bulgaria. The report was prepared with Kopint-TARKI staff’s contribution and can be downloaded here.