Evaluation of measures to promote access to and retention in higher education

The overall objective of the evaluation is to increase the number of applications to higher
education and to strengthen the career guidance role of higher education within the development
schemes of the Human Resources Development Operational Programme (HRDOP) and the
Competitive Central Hungary Operational Programme (CCHOP), and the reduction of drop-
out rates, the evaluation of the results of the developments implemented in the fields of
increasing enrolment in higher education, the exploration of the experiences of implementation
and the examination of how the results of the implemented developments contribute to the
achievement of the objectives set out in the strategy documents and to what extent the
developments supported the link between public education and higher education. Given the
nature of the interventions, the evaluation focuses primarily on the areas of mathematics,
science, technology and information technology (hereinafter referred to as STEM) and social
education. The other guiding thread of the evaluation is the focus on women and disadvantaged


Executive summary of evaluation

Hungarian Prime Minister's Office MÉF/23791/2019-ITM
June 2022
Project leader:
Katalin Nagy
András Gábos, Judit Lannert, András Derényi, Bálint Durácky, Éva Holb, Balázs Hörich, Szilvia Németh, Szilvia Nyüsti, Mónika Réti, Natália Bartos