2012-2015: Improving statistical information system – Montenegro

The project strengthened further the capacity of Monstat to produce agricultural statistics, national accounts and business statistics, and reinforced the Monstat IT sector, namely further developed the metadata and electronic questionnaires and PC AXIS implementation. In the area of agricultural statistics the project had to establish a statistical farm register as well as routines for its maintenance and updating, along with carrying out pilot surveys on crop statistics and livestock statistics, developing the agricultural monetary statistics and introducing environmental accounts. In the area of national accounts, the focus was put on additional national accounts indicators, both new and lower aggregated, production of quarterly accounts, governmental finance statistics, supply and use tables, GDP by expenditure approach calculated at constant prices and harmonised indices of consumer prices (HICP). The improvements in business statistics included, inter alia, new pilot surveys improving the exhaustiveness of short-term and structural business statistics, total energy balance data produced; improvement of the business register with the inclusion of groups of enterprises and improving of producer price indices. The project was expected to improve the use made of SBS and STS in compilation of national accounts.

ME-Podgorica: IPA /133277/C/SER/ME, Kopint-Tárki was a subcontractor of AAM Hungary
October 2012 - June 2015
Project leader:
Antónia Hüttl