2020-2021: Promoting a balance between labour supply and demand in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries (in Hungarian)

The Kopint Foundation for Economic Research participates in the project as a subcontractor of the VDSZ (Trade Unions’ Alliance of Workers in Chemical, Energetical and related industries).

The aim of the project is to examine how to provide the necessary labour force in the sector facing dynamic development opportunities and how to help ensure the necessary number of staff and balance supply and demand within and after the project. An important part of this is to investigate the role of wages in the context of securing and retaining labour, but also in the context of maintaining the competitiveness of employers. The other challenge is to develop the skills of the workforce, given that the sector is significantly exposed to technological development and is a knowledge-based industry, where new innovations also require the continuous renewal of the existing workforce and the development of their knowledge.

In order to draw conclusions and formulate feasible proposals, the project relies on extensive research, processing domestic and international experiences, and a questionnaire survey.

Tasks of the Kopint Foundation for Economic Research are:

  • collection and processing of statistics on employment, wage levels and wage dynamics, as well as economic indicators in the sectors concerned
  • website development and database building to publish the results, which will be very useful for both employees and employers working in the sector
  • elaboration of the methodology of the questionnaire survey, then conducting and processing the survey on the living conditions, health status, working hours and working hours of the employees employed in the given company, sector, as well as on the relationship between their livelihood and their health status and their earnings and wages
  • study on international “good practices” that have been effective in retaining, recruiting and developing the workforce.
Széchenyi 2020 program, „Thematic projects aiming to develop adaptability in the labor market” GINOP-5.3.5-18-2018-00080 project
January 2021 - December 2021
Project leader:
Rozália Bogó
Ágnes Hárs, Zoltán Matheika, Katalin Nagy, Éva Palócz