Preparation of impact evaluation of EFOP 3.1.5-16 – The support of institutions endangered by early school leaving

The objective of this preparatory methodological report is the comparison of schools
involved in the EFOP-3.1.5-16 (The support of institutions endangered by early school
leaving) project with those having similar characteristics but being excluded from the project,
with the aim of pointing out the achieved effects in an ex post evaluation to be conducted
later. The basic objective of the EFOP-3.1.5-16 project was to implement complex and
targeted institution developing programs in selected public educational institutions having
pupils without qualifications and imperilled by early school leaving and in those with
segregated education and training and underperforming in the national competence
measurement surveys. These programs were meant to reduce the risk of early school leaving
and to render pupils help to obtain qualifications and competences essential and applicable in
the labour market.


Preparation study

Ministry for Innovation and Technology MÉF/48296-1/2018/ITM
November 2019
Project leader:
Katalin Nagy
Éva Holb, Judit Lannert, László Molnár, Márk Tátrai