2019-2021: Bridging the AGE-GAP – Development of Social Partners’ Initiatives for Managing Age Related Challenges

Retaining older employees is important for companies to ensure the workforce needed and to take advantage of older employees’ work experience and company-specific knowledge, which are of significant value. In response to the challenges deriving from demographic change, the European social partners are also giving priority to addressing intergenerational issues.

The aim of the project is to assess how companies and social partners deal with the issues of co-operation among different generations at the workplace in seven countries: Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and North Macedonia. It examines what practices are in place to reconcile the knowledge of different generations, to take advantage of opportunities arising from different age groups, to combine the experience of older people with the often fresher knowledge of younger people (e.g. IT skills), as well as to create opportunities for lifelong learning. We also try to answer what role corporate managers and social partners playing in bridging the AGE-GAP.

Kopint-Tárki participates in the project as a subcontractor of the National Association of Hungarian Manufacturers (MGYOSZ). In this context, its task is to: 

  • compile a questionnaire in Hungarian and English, coordinating the survey with foreign partner organizations 
  • process, evaluate and summarise the results of the 7 national questionnaires 
  • summarise the country studies carried out by partner institutions 
  • prepare the Hungarian study on the basis of the questionnaire 
  • conduct interviews 
  • participate and give presentatitons at the roundtables and conferences (online since April 2020). 
Co-funded by the European Commission (VS/2019/0031) in frame of the program VP/2018/001 Support for social dialogue
June 2019 – May 2021 (prolonged, due to the COVID 19 pandemic)
Project leader:
Éva Palócz
Rozália Bogó, Péter Vakhal