Country analysis of Hungary of the competence distribution by levels of government in relation to regional development policies

The country analysis for Hungary, prepared by Kopint-Tárki, collects detailed regional data from national sources and information on distribution of competences, its evolution and the role of EU Cohesion Policy in development across different regions.The study was prepared in the framework of the project titled Distribution of Competence in relations to Regional Development Policies in the Member States of the European Union,  launched by the DG REGIO in the fall of 2008. The objective of the project is to obtain a thorough picture of the distribution of competences between the different administrative levels in the Member States of the European Union. It concentrates on competences in relation to regional development, in the areas supported by the EU Cohesion Policy, with a particular focus on the budgetary aspects.

Ismeri Europa, Roma
Project leader:
Katalin Nagy
Katalin Nagy, Ágnes Nagy, Antónia Hüttl, Attila Bartha