Compilation of development cadastre on the completed developments

The purpose of the study titled “Compilation of development cadastre on the completed developments” – prepared in the framework of the ÁROP 1.1.20-2012-2012-0001 priority project titled “Monitoring developments in local government”, realized by the Ministry of the Interior, – is to enable coherent framing and monitoring of the local government development projects mainly from EU sources to fulfill the commitments made in connection with the EU membership. The framework for the development cadastre is designed to create a register that will include the most important financial and technical information on local government developments and other project implementation data at municipality level. The task of the development cadastre is to:

a) provide retrospective information on the developments already realized; b) provide current information on ongoing developments; c) the developments planned by the local governments.

Ministry of the Interior, Deputy State Secretariat of Local Government, Local Government Coordination Office
Project leader:
Katalin Nagy
Péter Vakhal, Katalin Nagy