Methodological support for the determination of indicators and base value

The purpose of the study was to facilitate the development of a set of matching indicators for operational programs between 2014-2020, currently being finalized – GINOP, KEHOP, IKOP, EFOP, VEKOP, TOP and KÖFOP -, and, where possible, propose base and target values for these indicators. The European Commission examines the progress of the programs and the achievement of the indicators set by the programs along certain milestones (2018 and 2023), so it is of great importance that the given base, intermediate target and target values are realistically defined. An overview of the indicators of the OP draft was based on an indicator template, so based on a unified methodology, it was possible to evaluate the examined performance frame and result indicators, filter out the problems and assess the demand for potential alternative indicators.

Prime Minister’s Office
Project leader:
Katalin Nagy, Nóra Serfőző, Péter Vakhal