Economic Trends in Eastern Europe

Kopint-Tárki’s flagship English-language regular economic report, Economic Trends in Eastern Europe has been published since decades, three times a year. It provides a comprehensive economic analysis on Hungary and Central and Eastern Europe in context of the European and global economy.

The first part of the report gives an overview of the global economic developments, while the second part focuses on trends in Central and Eastern Europe. The third part examines the state and short-term prospects of the Hungarian economy. The analysis focuses on changes in GDP, components of expenditure side (consumption, accumulation, exports and imports) and production side (agriculture, industry, construction and services), labour market and unemployment, fiscal, monetary and financial market developments (including inflation, credit market and interest rates as well as balance of payments). The report provides a detailed and comprehensive short-term forecast for all economic factors and components.

The report assesses the economic indicators in Central and Eastern Europe and Hungary critically, but in a balanced and objective way. 

Subscription Information 

Annual subscription rate: EUR 600 (one year – 3 issues)  

Single issue price: EUR 200 (both includes carriage charges) 

Orders should be addressed to Kopint-Tárki Institute for Economic Research (H-1112 Budapest, Budaörsi út 45., Hungary) 

 tel.: +36 1 309 2695, fax: +36 1 309 2647



Client: Subscribers

Duration: Since 1990, 3 times a year

Project leaders: Katalin Nagy, Éva Palócz

Participants: Katalin Nagy, Éva Palócz, Bogó Rozália Jehoda, Ágnes Hárs, Nóra Krokovay, Zoltán Matheika, Katalin Nagy, Gábor Oblath, Péter Vakhal and occasionally other participants

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