Macroeconomics, public finances, COVID-19

A summary of analyses prepared for the Hungarian Fiscal Council in 2021 has been published under the title ‘National Economy, Public Finances in the Time of the Coronavirus Pandemic’. The volume includes contributions from our Institute’s staff:  

Zoltán Matheika – Miklós Losoncz – Éva Palócz. Macroeconomic review of 2020 and the first half of 2021 – p. 23 

Katalin Nagy – Rozália Bogó – Miklós Losoncz – Éva Palócz – Péter Vakhal: Impacts of the world economy – with special regard to Brexit – on the EU, including Hungary’s economy and public finances – p. 99 

Rozália Bogó- Krisztián Koppány – Nóra Krokovay – Zoltán Matheika – Éva Palócz – Péter Vakhal: Covid-19, sustainability and socio-economic development related to competitiveness in Hungary – p.109 

The publication is available for download here