No. 72, Antónia Hüttl, Ágnes Nagy (2016): Organisational capital and hospital performance in Hungary

The paper presents a case study exploring the possibilities to measure own-account organisational capital and its impact on hospital performance in Hungary. The comparable dataset consists of the time series 20102013 of 58 general hospitals owned by the government. Investment in own-account OC is measured both in a narrow and in a broad sense, depending on the range of employees contributing to OC. In the period according to our estimates, applying the narrow concept the average stocks of OC varied between 2,5-4,3% of the wages of all employees, and between 11,3-12,3% in the broad concept. The analysis has provided some evidence that the stocks of OC in broad sense has a slight positive effect on clinical performance, measured by the cost weighted number of activities. Applying OC in the narrow sense, a positive correlation could be detected only if higher values have been attached to DRGs of complicated interventions and of treatment of serious diseases.

This paper was prepared in the FP7 Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union, SPINTAN project WP5 Austerity and recovery, Grant agreement number: 612774
Project leader:
Antónia Hüttl, Ágnes Nagy