2012-2013: Financial sector benchmarking system (FSBS). In the framework of PFS (partners for financial stability) project of the USAID

In the program of the USAID (US Agency for International Development), Kopint-Tárki participated in the preparation of the Deloitte PFS Team (Partners for Financial Stability) country report for Albania, Macedonia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The USAID PFS program supports the development of the financial sector in transition economies by bringing together regional actors from partner and mentor countries. The program aims to find solutions to regional challenges by facilitating the transfer and implementation of international good practice.

The activity of Kopint-Tárki in the framework of the project was:

  • conducting an independent review of the methodology used by the Deloitte PFS Team for benchmarking regional financial sectors. Based on our review, we are to provide the Deloitte PFS Team with recommendations on potential improvements,
  • observing the way data for the benchmarking system is gathered and assisting the actual collection of data for 2012, acquiring know-how for this job,
  • assisting the preparation of graphs and charts acquiring know-how for this job,
  • preparing four to six one-page country analyses on the particular countries’ financial systems following the reporting format and structure used by the Deloitte PFS Team.