Katalin Nagy, Member of the Board, Managing Director of Kopint Foundation



Education and training:

  • 1971-1975:
      University Diploma
      Foreign economics
      K. Marx University of Economics , Budapest
  • 1978-1981:
      Post-gradual university diploma, University doctors degree
      faculty of International finances
      University of Economics, Budapest

Work experience:

  • 1997-:
      Managing Director
      Kopint Foundation for Economic Research, Budapest
  • 2007-:
      Member of the Board
      Main activities
    • Supporting and performing economic research in different fields (macroeconomics, IS, EU policies, EU programme evaluation, project management)
    • member of the Eurofound team. national correspondent
  • 1995-1997:
      Head of World Economics department
      Kopint-Datorg Institute for Economic Research, Marketing and Informatics Ltd., Budapest
      Main activities
    • Research work in the field of competition policy, transport policy, regional and structural policies, macroeconomic analysis
  • 1990-1995:
      Five-year-long stay in Germany as a freelancer researching the field of the German unification process
  • 1986-1990:
      Research fellow
      Kopint-Datorg Institute for Economic Research, Marketing and Informatics Ltd., Budapest
      Main activities
    • Research work in the field of economic problems in the GDR, East-West Trade
  • 1975-1986:
      Research fellow
      National Bank of Hungary
      Main activities
    • Price and exchange rate development, FDI, economic cycle analysis

Mother tongue: Hungarian

Other Languages:

English – excellent
German – excellent
Russian – intermediate (reading)

Expertise in socioeconomic analysis:

Evaluation of labour market interventions funded by EU funds during 2014- 2020, Evaluation, at the request of the Hungarian Information and Technology Ministry, January 2021, Prepared by: Hárs Ágnes, Nagy Judit, Nagy Katalin, Ruszkai Zsolt, Simond Dávid, Székács Tamás.

International economic trends in deteriorating global environment – consequences for Hungary, Prepared for the Secretariat of the Fiscal Council, September 2020, Co-actors: Bogoné Jehoda Rozália, Losoncz Miklós, Nagy Katalin, Palócz Éva, Vakhal Péter, Tóth G. Csaba. Project coordinator.

Evaluation of the implementation of the Hungarian National Social Inclusion Strategy (HNSIS), Cohesion Funds Programme Evaluation, at the request of the Hungarian Information and Technology Ministry, April 2019-January 2020. Project coordinator

Main trends of global development, with a special focus on the EU and Brexit ; Impacts on the Hungarian Economy, Study prepared at the request of the Fiscal Council of Hungary, September 2019, Prepared by Katalin Nagy, Peter Vakhal, Éva Palócz, Tamás Gebei, Bogoné, R. Jehoda

Impacts of the projects financed by Cohesion Funds on the Hungarian Economy and on the State Budget, Study prepared at the request of the Fiscal Council of Hungary, December 2018, Prepared by É. Palócz, K. Nagy, P Vakhal.

Survey and Study Paper on the Hungarian Investment Environment, Prepared for the European Commission Representation In Hungary No. 22/2016 Tender No.:18/07/29016. Prepared by: Palócz, Éva, Matheika, Zoltán, Nagy, Ágnes, Nagy, Katalin, Oblath, Gábor, Vakhal, Péter, The working group was led by: Palócz, Éva, Budapest, 15 December 2016..
https://ec.europa.eu/hungary/sites/hungary/files/eu_bud_invest_20170219.pdf (74 pages). Interviewer: 10 conducting qualitative interviews

Cross-Border Migration between Slovakia and Hungary. Elaborated: in the framework of the Slovak-Hungarian cross-border migration Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013. Project Number HUSK 1101/1.2.1/0171. Title Slovak-Hungarian cross-border migration (EUR: 239.126) (32 pages) Interviewer: 25 conducting qualitative interviews

Evaluating a methodology concerning base and target values of indicators of 2014-2020 OPs of Hungary, at the request of the National Development Agency (February 2014-June 2014) (EUR 11.643+VAT) (Interviewer: 15 conducting qualitative interviews)

AIECE GENERAL REPORT, AIECE AUTUMN general MEETING, , This report was prepared by Katalin Nagy, Peter Vakhal and Éva Palócz, Final version Brussels, 7-8 November 2013 (Pages 49)

Study on the role of Central Hungary Region in achieving a smart, sustainable and cohesive Hungary, Spill over effects of investments in Central Hungary Region, (2012) (Project Funded by the National development Agency of Hungary)

Mid-term evaluation of SROP (TÁMOP) and SIOP (TIOP), two operational programmes of the 2007-2013 financing period aimed at human resource development (2010-2011)

Participation in international research projects: EU project funded by the DG Employment aimed at evaluating consequences of the adoption of European Employment Strategy in Eastern Europe (VS/2004/0707), Project coordinator and manager

Participation in evaluation projects: Participation in the Evaluation Framework Contract initiated by the National Development Agency (NDA), aimed at evaluation of projects funded of Structural Funds, (2009); therein evaluation of indicators of the Social Renewal Operational Program and of the Social Infrastructure Operational Programme of the New Hungary Development Plan;

Participation in the project conducted by ISMERI/Europa: Expert evaluation network delivering policy analysis on the performance of cohesion policy 2007-2013, Task: Country report on Achievements of Cohesion Policy, A report to the European Commission Directorate-General Regional Policy. (2010)

Evaluation of the indicators of the Human Resource Development OP, intervention 1.2. (2009) (Evaluator expert)

Participation in the project conducted by ISMERI/Europa, Roma: Hungary: Analysis of Competences Distribution by Levels of Government in Relation to Regional Development Policies. (2009)

Transferable competences across economic sectors – Role and importance for employment at European level (Contract service VC/2009/0818). National coordinator. National expert

Participation in the evaluation of the planning procedure of the National Development Plan for Hungary for the period 2007-2013, (2008-2009); (Evaluator)

UNDP’s Human Development Report on Slovakia and Hungary 2006-2007, Short-term Consultancy; National expert

INTI (Integration Exchange: On line integration services for third country nationals, Ref. No: JLS/2006/INTI/071). National expert, leader of the national team

EURES-T Feasibility Study on the Slovak Hungarian Border Region (2006) (Research work)

Participation in international organisations:

RAD (Researchers Alliance for Development) (World Bank),

European network on Regional Labour Market Monitoring (2006-2009),

AIECE: European Association of Economic Research Institutes (since 1998)

EUREN (European Economic) Network (since 2010)

Major Publications in foreign languages:

Bogó, Rozália – Miklós Losoncz – Katalin Nagy – Gábor Oblath – Éva Palócz – Péter Vakhal (2022): Global Economic Trends and their Impacts, Especially on the German Economy, and Consequences for Hungary’s Economy and Public Finances In: Macroeconomic and public finance processes in 2022. Summaries of analyses prepared for the Fiscal Council in 2022. Office of the National Assembly. pp. 40-44

Nagy, Katalin – Bogó, Rozália – Losoncz, Miklós – Palócz, Éva – Vakhal, Péter (2021): Impacts of the world economy – with special regard to Brexit – on the EU, including Hungary’s economy and public finances. In: National economy and public finances in the time of the coronavirus pandemic. Summaries of analyses prepared for the Fiscal Council of Hungary in 2021. Office of the National Assembly. pp. 99-108.

Nagy, Katalin – Éva Palócz – Péter Vakhal: Risks and challenges to international and Hungarian economy in the middle of the decade. In: Hungarian Statistical Review, Special Number 20., 2016. Budapest. pp. 20-43

Nagy, Katalin – Nóra Serfőző: Differences of economic development and ways of cooperation in the Slovak-Hungarian cross-border region. In: “Studies in International Economics” a special issue of Külgazdaság, Volume 1, No 2. pp 23-49., 2015 pp. 23-50.

Nagy, Katalin. Mitgliedschaft der mittel- und osteuropäischen Länder in der Währungsunion – Risiken und Chancen, Co-author Ferkelt, Balázs, Europa Kolleg Hamburg, Discussion Paper, No. 4/13., October 2013, http://www.europa-kolleg-hamburg.de

Nagy, Katalin. Kohäsionspolitik aus der Sicht der Beitrittsländer, in Schäfer, W. –Graf Wass von Czege (Hrsg.): Aktuelle Probleme der europäischen Integration, Schriftenreihe des Europa-Kollegs Hamburg zur Integrationsforschung, 67. Nomos, Baden-Baden, 2012. ISBN 978-3-8329-7103-8, pp. 71-100.

Nagy, Katalin. Finanzmarktturbulenzen und Binnenmarkt, in Schäfer, W. – Graf Wass von Czege (Hrsg.): Dienstleistungsfreiheit in der EU, Schriftenreihe des Europa-Kollegs Hamburg zur Integrationsforschung, 62. Nomos, Baden-Baden, 2010. ISBN 978-3-8329-5405-5, pp. 153-185.

Nagy K.: Labour Market Monitoring in Border Regions, in Larsen, Ch. – Mathejczyk, W. – Kipper, J. – Schmid, A. (Eds.): Target Group Monitoring in European Regions, Empirical Findings and Conceptual Approaches, Rainer Hampp Verlag, Muenchen, Mering 2008. ISBN 978-3-86618-269-1, pp 72-79. Co-author Hárs, Á.

Nagy, Katalin. Finanzielle Vorausschau und Kohäsionspolitik: Zielkonflikte, in Schäfer, W. – Graf Wass von Czege, A. (Hrsg.): Das Gemeinsame Europa – viele Wege, kein Ziel? Schriftenreihe des EuropaKollegs Hamburg zur Integrationsforschung 54, Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, Baden-Baden, 2007 ISBN 978-3-8329-2902-2, pp:243-263.

Nagy, Katalin. Human Development Report, Slovakia and Hungary, Socio-Economic Portrait of Eastern Slovakia and Hungary, UNDP, Bratislava, 2007, report done on the basis of short-term

Nagy, Katalin. Die Zukunft der EU-Strukturfonds – Wie weit werden die Beitrittsländer in der Lage sein die Möglichkeiten der europäischen Strukturpolitik auszuschöpfen?, in Bruha, T.- Schäfer, A. Wass von Czege (Hrsg.): Die Europäische Union nach der Erweiterung – deutsche und ungarische Standpunkte, Schriftenreihe des Europa-Kollegs Hamburg zur Integrationsforschung 45, Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, Baden-Baden, 2004 ISBN 3-8329-0951-6, pp:156-176.

Nagy, Katalin. Chancen, Herausforderung und Kontroverse. Kohäsionspolitik in einer erweiterten Europäischen Union. Edited by: Dr. Rácz Margit. KJK-KERSZÖV, Budapest, 2003, ISBN 963 224 7221, pp: 273-293